Wood Selection

The wood is selected first and has to meet certain size and grain characteristics to assure all bodies are glued in the same manner; with an offset glue joint at the bottom bout of the guitar. This maintains consistency from one guitar to the next. The upper bout is contoured for a very comfortable feel. The species of wood used for this guitar is Alder.



The neck is a lap sawn, Maple neck with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard; traditional clay marking dots; and copper side dots. The neck has a nitro finish.



The fretting process is done through epoxy fretting. This process is used for multiple reasons. One of the advantages to this type of fretting is that you lose the hollow gaps under the fret that you find with the traditional way of fretting. In traditional fretting, with each fret you put on, it is like driving a wedge into the fingerboard, which causes back tension on the neck. With epoxy fretting, all of these issues are eliminated. The epoxy under the frets helps to transfer string vibration throughout the neck to the body, and relieves all stress and tension on the neck that occurs with traditional fretting. This results in a stress-free neck, which allows the truss rod to work properly and to adjust the neck accurately.



Custom made Elliott Pickups



Custom made Elliott bridge 


Colors Available

Urethane Finishes with pin-striping: Black, Lake Placid Blue, Pale Surf Green, Ruby Red Slipper, Sonic Blue, and Vanilla Shake


Nitro Finishes: Black, 3-color Sunburst, Vintage White